Holiday Lighting

At Oregon Wash we've been Holiday Lighting since 2006! We service over 100 homes every holiday season.  You provide the lights and we put them up. We provide gutter clips for a professional and clean look. If you have any questions on how many boxes to buy or how many extension cords you will need feel free to ask us. We have been doing this for 9 holiday seasons so we have a very good idea of how long your home will take based on experience.

**New Customers**
When you request a quote its always nice to meet with you there to go over the details of what exactly you want. Most often its pretty self explanatory but we will always go with whatever you recommend. Our team might make a couple suggestions however we are there to put up the lights to your liking not ours. The best time to get a quote for holiday lighting is as early as mid October to make sure were adequately supplied and prepared. The busiest weeks of the year are the 3rd & 4th weeks of November & the 1st of December. We certainly do our best to accommodate everyone.

Holiday Lighting Pricing

You will recveve a estimate for the set-up and take down, the price will not change. We will call you in the new year to schedule the take down. 



Holiday Lighting Tips



#1.  Be at home for your appointment.  9 times out of 10 your appointment will go much smoother if you are available for our teams questions and concerns at the start of your appointment time.  If you can’t be home please make sure we have a way to contact you during your appointment. 


#2.  Have all your holiday decorations ready to go when we arrive.  It will save us considerable time if you have tested your lights before we arrive.  Most of the time you can salvage a strand by simply replacing the fuse.  You can also cut down on time as well by taking brand new lights out of the boxes for us.  It is extremely important to have replacement bulbs on hand.  We have found that most icicle lights are very problematic.  


#3. Plan ahead for your timers and extension cords.  It is extremely important for our crew leader to know where your outlets are located.  They will have to strategize a game plan for your lighting based on the location of your outlets.


#4. Make sure that all outlets are turned on as well.  We need to make sure that all strands are working when we leave your home. 


#5.  Know what you would like your lights to look like.  Our crew may make some suggestions but we are there to do it the way you would like it done.   If you have pictures of how you have done it before or a diagram it is extremely helpful.





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