Roof Cleaning & Moss Removal

Keeping your Roof Clean will Save You Money!

Your roof is one of the most expensive systems in your home to replace, and must be maintained to ensure that it lasts for its scheduled life or beyond.  Failure to maintain your roof may cause it to fail early, leak sooner, and be more susceptible to wind damage, as well as potentially cause insurance problems for you in the event of damage and a claim. Many insurance companies now require a moss-free roof before they will issue or renew insurance.

Treating your roof is critical for good maintenance.

If you can see moss on your roof from the ground, it’s time to treat it. If you let it grow, it will reduce the effective life of your roof, deform your shingles and cause them to be prone to leakage and catching wind that results in shingles blowing off the roof, all of which will sooner or later require expensive repairs or replacement.

Moss removal or roof cleaning alone simply removes the visible moss, but leaves the roots (rhizomes) and spores that are left behind to regrow. Only an herbicide can kill and slow down future growth.

How frequently your roof needs treating will depend on how much sun or shade your roof has. We are happy to recommend the right service plan for your roof. In general, all composite roofs should have preventative treatment at least every three years.


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